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~ About me ~

Hello! My name is Pedro Núñez and I'm an independent video game developer and technology enthusiast. I develop applications and games both professionally and as a hobby. Here you can find a variety of things I've worked on.

If you want to contact me for any purpose, you can drop me an e-mail at

~ Video games ~

I'm part of the EB Creativos team! These are some of the games I've developed/designed:

Visit our main website to check out these and other games we've released.

~ Apps & Advergames ~

I'm also part of the EB Advergames team. We develop mobile apps and customized games to promote your business. These are some of our published works:

If you're interested in having us develop a customized app/game for you, feel free to drop us an e-mail to let us know!

~ Knytt Stories Levels ~

Knytt Stories is an excellent (and free!) indie 2D platform game by Nicklas Nygren (aka Nifflas). It comes with a level editor that enables you to design your own scenarios, and its community has produced many great adventures for it. Below are some of the levels I've created:

~ Non-profit Video games Localisation ~

I used to be quite a lot into romhacking. I'm no longer active in the scene, but you can download most of the translations I worked on here. PLEASE NOTE: Bear in mind some of these were made when I was just 15-16 years old, so the quality of some of these translations might not be exactly the best.